About Dain Kloner

Dain Kloner, PsyD., LMFT (#100681)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Specializing in: Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and Stress, Depression, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout

All of us experience pain, sadness, hurt, and anxiety. It’s simply part of the human condition, our condition. Sometimes, having a safe place to discuss our feelings is all we need, along with somebody there for support who also has the means to help us change through action when we’re ready.

Moving through our personal trauma can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s not about solving problems; rather, it’s about being flexible and adaptable to the anxiety we face on a daily basis.  

My style and approach are about connection, humor, gratitude, and mindfulness. These are just some of the ways to feel better and have more fulfilling relationships to ourselves and others. When combined with other proven interventions and a little context, therapy can help reduce the impact of pain, sadness, anxiety, hurt, or fear we’ve experienced in our lives. 

Through support, understanding, and compassion, we get to focus on being present as we move toward our goals and spend less time worrying about the goal itself. Whatever challenges we face, we learn better how to gain and maintain coping skills that improve relationships when we are not alone and also feel supported. It takes some courage, but it’s only therapy.


Dain Kloner


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