Compassion Fatigue and Burnout


Doubt can be a terrible thing, but it can also be an opportunity for us to regroup. We sometimes isolate because of doubt or our fear of criticism from others. We draw from our life experiences and often only focus on the negative aspects of ourselves. This provides an inaccurate overall view of who we are.

Therapy in this area is designed to help you gain a more accurate perception of strengths. Helping you see how your actions impact your self-esteem can help you reframe your thoughts and feelings, and inspire the change you wish to see.

Personal Growth and Development

We are social by nature and often have various interests. These usually reflect our innermost desires and goals. Life itself can get in the way of achieving our goals, but finding out how to maneuver such obstacles can often reveal to us our true character. Therapy is a place to explore your dreams and to be who you want to be without judgement. I look forward to being a supportive and motivating guide on such an exciting and uncertain journey.

Trauma and Abuse

Trauma and trauma-related experiences impact our sense of safety and trust. The very nature of these experiences can impact our relationships and intimacy. More importantly, therapy can help you regain a sense of control over your life. I can help you develop coping skills surrounding the symptoms of the trauma and further help you develop a new story to help you process the associated thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have potentially sheltered you from living the life you wish to lead. By exploring your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in a caring and supportive environment, you can look at your life through a new lens that facilitates long-term growth and understanding of the trauma to help you maintain positive relationships in the present and future.




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