Trauma and PTSD

Trauma is defined as an adverse experience in life that affects us in substantial ways and that often challenges our sense of safety and security in our individual worlds or the world in general (or both). Trauma is that thing that makes us feel uneasy in situations and we can’t quite understand why. It is the result of fear or doubt that has built up in us and, even when we try, we have a hard time getting close to others or regulating our moods.

Examples of trauma include, but are not limited to, witnessing or being in an accident, witnessing or experiencing interpersonal violence, war related trauma, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, experiencing racism, homophobia, or the tragic/sudden death of a loved one. Other forms of trauma and trauma history include personal experience or indirect experience with drug and alcohol issues, divorce, incarceration, mental health conditions and suicidal thoughts, and chronic health conditions.

It’s easy to see that each of us is capable of having experienced a traumatic incident in our lives. Each of us has different capacities for how we deal with pain and anxiety or sadness or confusion. Because of this, some of us are able to heal from trauma on our own, others might need support with the healing process, and, still, others might not feel the full effects until years later.

Clients come to me to find clarity, to understand their trauma and its effects. Sometimes, we want to make sense of the things that seem unimaginable or inexplicable. We want to heal from the pain that exists as a result of the trauma we have experienced, whether it is a desire to recover from a series of our own traumatic events, whether we are worried about a loved one who does not appear to be recovering from their trauma, or whether we are survivors of long-term chronic trauma. Each of us needs to feel supported in our search to find greater joy and meaning in our lives, to find our own strength and resilience.

The goal is to provide education on trauma, to provide highly specialized therapy, and to work diligently with survivors in their trauma recovery. I believe in each person’s capacity to find that peace and know the kind of courage it takes to walk through the door to start the journey to wellness.